Cloud Native Observability: The New Normal for EnterprisesRead Whitepaper

Real-time cloud native observability platform at scale.

Ditch your legacy tech. Leverage Middleware Observability’s unified platform to analyze, diagnose & predict issues across your entire stack.

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observability platform
20m+Events processed every minute.
5xLower data storage costs.
10xFaster to debug an issue.
3xReal-time views of your data

Unified, real-time observability for the cloud native stack.

Why Middleware Observability?


One-click installs

With Kernal-based eBPF agent-less approach, access metrics, logs, traces, and profiling instantly with no overhead.


Workflow management

Microservice-based workflow allows you to directly report issues to the right developer without the involvement of DevOps.


High performance all time

eBPF-based observability provides deeper insights, visibility and unified experience to provide meaningful performance.

One platform. Infinite benefits.

Infrastructure monitoring

Collect health and performance data from servers, virtual machines, containers, databases, and other backend components in a single experience.

Application monitoring

Measure application performance, availability and user experience to identify and resolve application issues before they impact customers.

Log monitoring

Continuously observe logs as they're recorded, collect information & trigger alerts to instantly reveal factors that affect system performance and health.

Unified Experience

Regardless of the variety of tools in your stack, leverage a single platform with unified features and experiences to collect and analyze all your data.


One platform. Infinite solutions

Real-time monitoring
Alerting and notifications
Root-cause analysis
Unified in one timeline
Build your own integrations

Multiple data streams. One platform.

Middleware Observability leverages data from virtually any source, including Kubernetes, Multi-Cluster data, and popular Open Source collectors.

Unify data from multiple data streams in one platform

Cloud-native SaaS.
No download required.

Middleware Observability is built from the ground up to leverage the most modern, innovative cloud-native technologies. Our cloud-based platform requires no download, no administrators.

Full-cycle observability.
Real-time monitoring.

Collect data across the entire lifecycle of services, including build, test, deploy and release runbook.

Full-cycle observability using Middleware
Enterprise-level security and data protection.

Enterprise-level security & data protection.

At every step of the way, your data is completely secure. We leverage data privacy, GDPR compliance, SOC2 Type II and more to give you peace of mind.

Our products


Container monitoring

Auto-detect, track and set alerts on what’s happening across your entire system.


Infrastructure monitoring

Automate your infrastructure monitoring so you never let an error go unaddressed.


Distributed tracing

Our SaaS platform lives entirely in the cloud. No hardware to install, no administrators to train.


Log monitoring

Gather all your logs into one unified platform to get instant analytics.


Continuous profiler

Monitor & analyze performance in any environment


Serverless monitoring

Monitor your serverless applications via AWS Lambda & query across all platforms.


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