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Multi Cloud
Orchestration Platform

Middleware provides a multicloud platform
to auto scale and manage your cloud applications.

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We support a wide range of cloud providers to cover all your scaling needs.


How Middleware
solves pain points

Autoscale applications

Autoscale Applications

Tap into AI/ML technologies to predict resource needs and match them with sufficient capacity to run applications at scale.

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middleware makes your application cost-effective by freeing extra resources

Save Up to 60%

Hibernate additional resources when not in use, saving up to 60% of your cloud budget and making your applications more cost-effective.

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improve Performance

Improve Performance

Power your applications to maintain optimal performance even during peak traffic by matching capabilities with resources.

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Intelligent services
by Middleware

Make your business smarter with Middleware’s suite of intelligent
services to ensure high availability and performance.

AI Load balancer

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with our AI load balancer – the smartest, fastest, most adaptable, and secure load balancer that offers top-notch application delivery controls with enterprise-level scalability and availability.

  • Predictive AI-based load balancing
  • 10x faster through session memory
  • Agile principles to learn through usage

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middleware ai load balancer
middleware service discovery

Service Discovery

Monitor real-time server health and take preventive and repair measures as needed. Use the interactive dashboard for centralized reporting on analytics and metrics on CPU, RAM, and bandwidth usage.

  • Real-time session monitoring
  • Detailed analytics and reporting
  • Open and extensible API

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Containerized System

Get containerization services to build and manage identical machine images using a single source configuration for various platforms, eliminating the need to set up docker, LXC, Podman, and Hyper-V.

  • No-code containerization.
  • Multi-region and multi-cloud compatibility.
  • Easy updates even during runtime.

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middleware containerized system

How Middleware works

Curious how Middleware works?

Work With 100+ Integrations

Integrate Middleware with other third-party apps for your everyday use.

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middleware - Automate your cloud infrastructure with advanced level algorithms that optimise your cost & scale application for high availability & scalability

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