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Build an Automated container with
no code

Build containers for microservices without
relying on code, platform, or region using
single-source configuration.

Build an Automated container with no code
microservice to Machine images in one click

No code containerized,
one-click deployment

make container with nocode

Handle from one place
to multi-cloud and region

alpine or docker base containerized

Easy update
in runtime.

What is middleware
containerized ?

What is middleware containerized?

Middleware generates machine images automatically without any code inputs. All that the user needs to do is connect the microservice to the platform and let the Middleware Containerization Systems do the rest. Whenever the application witnesses peak traffic, the container in the reserve machine creates a virtual machine to handle the load.

  • Build containers within minutes without code
  • Auto-deploy containers and build virtual machines
  • Access machine image via API
  • Build, run, and share at any time

What Middleware containerized
system includes

Middleware builds containerized systems that strengthen your application’s capabilities
and helps service deployment at scale. This lightweight alternative to virtualization
optimizes resource utilization and maximizes their impact.

Rapid infrastructure deployment with container
Rapid infrastructure deployment

The Containerization Service, along with the auto scaler, launches pre-configured and provisioned machine instances within seconds.

Multi-provider deployment flexibility
Multi-provider deployment flexibility

The containers operate on multiple data centers, regardless of the type, service provider, and location. This ability makes it easy to switch data centers without a hitch.

Reduce time to build container
Reduce dev & production time

Users do not require any complex coding to build machine images. You can build a container in just a few clicks without having to know about what takes place under the hood.

High scalability and availability with microservice based container
High scalability and availability

Our plug-and-play design allows quick service deployment and image building than any other container service provider.

How to configure middleware container

The following is a quick step-by-step guide on how to set up and configure containers using Middleware:

  • Sign up at Middleware and link your data center
  • Add the load containerized service and connect it to your application. All no code/ low code
  • Create or update the machine and instances
  • Voila! You are live!
set up and configure containerized at your application using middleware
middleware container integration

Learns how Middleware
containerized system works

Containerization through Middleware blends the advantages of cloud computing and DevOps. To expand our reach and influence, we offer our services to most cloud service providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Digital Ocean with support for container orchestration over Kubernetes, Docker, etc.

Explore other services

Load balancer
Load balancer

Middleware’s AI-based load balancer maintains the speed, scalability, and security of your application in real-time.

Service Discovery
service discovery

Service discovery in real-time shares actionable insights that allow the application to stay up at all times.

Auto Scaler
Auto Scaler

Create and delete virtual machines automatically to match with the load experienced.

Strengthen your application deployment with
a Middleware containerized system

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