Service discovery

Real-time service discovery is here.

Monitor all your services in one place and keep track
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Service discovery
Real time service discovery


DNS based service discovery

Complete analytics

machine usages report

and Extensible API

Service Discovery

What is middleware service discovery ?

Discover, register, and resolve services and manage your application workloads across different cloud platforms. Middleware service discovery enables automatic addition or removal of services according to the health check findings, helping regulate and monitor the services for an entire region or a cluster over a single platform.

  • Proactively scale your applications based on usage
  • Work on open and extensible API
  • Monitor and handle errors and failures
  • Get multi-region, multi-cloud support

An all-in-one solution for optimized
service discovery

Accelerate application scaling and improve service discovery.

Auto scaler service discovery
Auto Scaler Service Discovery

Autoscale applications by creating or removing virtual machines based on traffic and workload to maintain high performance and optimal service usage.

Real-time health monitoring
Real-time Health Monitoring

Maintain application health and wellness through real-time testing. Perform routine checks and deploy new machines and resources in the event of errors or failures to maintain uptime.

Open and Extensible API
Open and Extensible API

Integrate your product into multiple frameworks and environments without any technological affiliations. Enjoy dynamic scaling using our enterprise-ready API equipped with the requisite documentation.

Multi-region, multi-cloud
Multi-region, multi-cloud

Collects data from multiple data centers in different regions and deploys new machines at each data center to decouple the dependency on cloud service provider, location, and performance.

Configure service discovery

Set up and configure service discovery at your application in three simple steps.

  • Sign up at Middleware and link your data center
  • Add the service and connect it to your application (no-code/low code)
  • Create or update the machine and instances
  • Voila! You are live!
set up and configure service discovery at your application using middleware
middleware support various cloud providers

Real-time service discovery analytics

Get detailed reports, analyze the existing infrastructure, and support resources like CPU, RAM, and network bandwidth based on machine health and workload requirements.

Explore other services

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Load balancer

Maintains the speed, scalability, and security of your application in real-time.

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Containerized system

The no-code automated system is a suitable alternative to the likes of Kubernetes.

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Auto Scaler

Enables automated creation and deletion of virtual machines to balance the load.

Reduce your app downtime with
Middleware service discovery

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