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Real-time service
Mesh is here.

Ultra lightweight, Very simple, ultra fast. Middleware adds observability, security, and reliability to your cluster, without the complexity.

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Middleware Service Mesh (Discovery)

Running a service mesh shouldn’t require a big team of engineers. Middleware automate all that so that you don’t have to.

middleware service mesh

Discover, register, and resolve services and manage your application workloads across different cloud platforms. Middleware service discovery enables automatic addition or removal of services according to the health.

  • Proactively scale your applications based on usage
  • Work on open and extensible API
  • Monitor and handle errors and failures
  • Get multi-region, multi-cloud support

Multi Cloud Connectivity for modern applications

Middleware Service Mesh provides lightweight, multi cloud connectivity for the insights of modern applications, microservices.

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Multi-cloud Mesh for distributed apps

Multi cloud connectivity for your distributed applications with any cloud provider with performance, reliability, and security objectives.

real-time health monitoring

Health Monitoring

Maintain application health and wellness through real-time testing. Perform routine checks and deploy new machines and resources.

open and extensible api

Open and
Extensible API

Integrate your product into multiple frameworks and environments without any technological affiliations. Enjoy dynamic.

Easy to configure

Multi cloud with multi cluster service mesh connectivity for your modern application. Few steps to connect with hosted or on-prem cloud.

configure service discovery using middleware

Why Middleware Service Mesh?

Get detailed reports, analyze the existing infrastructure, and support resources like CPU, RAM, and network bandwidth based on machine health and workload requirements.

  • Proactively scale your applications based on usage
  • Work on open and extensible API
  • Monitor and handle errors and failures
utilize resources with middleware service mesh


Global Namespaces provide the application domain that abstracts the application layer from the infrastructure layer, and provides strong isolation.

Connectivity for single
and multi-cloud apps

Middleware service discovery provides full-stack application connectivity, migration, application high availability and failover, application rollouts and upgrades.

Zero Trust security to
protect applications

Middleware Service Mesh provides dynamic, behavior-based security to protect microservices, APIs, and
data—including end-to-end encryption.

Reduce your app downtime with
Middleware service discovery

Get started with light weight multi cloud service mesh that you can connect your services with any cloud provider with few clicks.

run on-premise

Run On-Premise with Ease
on cloud hosted deployment

On Cloud Hosted Deployment
end-to-end encrypted

100% Secure – End-to-end Encrypted
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