High Availability

Achieve high
with Middleware

You can achieve high availability of your application with Middleware because we detect all the failures and traffic movement on your application to take action.

high availability

How can middleware achieve High Availability?

How can middleware
achieve High Availability?

The High Availability solution offered by Middleware decouples stack performance from failover to maintain a high degree of resilience. Businesses can create and segment microservices to build a high-functioning ecosystem that can be connected, rerouted, and clustered to offer service discovery, quicker recovery, and fewer disruptions.


Why Middleware
is best solution

Middleware amplifies the availability of your server and its resources to
ensure that your application is always up.

horizontal scalability
Horizontal scalability

Middleware allows horizontal scalability to expand to new nodes having identical functionality to redistribute load without overwhelming the existing resources.

Vertical scalability
Vertical scalability

Middleware supports vertical or upward scalability that enhances processing capabilities by augmenting network, storage, or memory requirements floated by nodes.

Real-time failover update
Real-time failover update

The Middleware AI identifies system faults and automatically reroutes traffic across similar clusters and takes other reparative action without connection losses.

Footprint reduction
Footprint reduction

Middleware reduces your resource footprint by 60% to optimize server usage and eliminate infrastructural redundancy.

Check other Solutions

Auto scale
Auto scale

Generate or delete virtual machine instances automatically in accordance with the loads.

load balancer icon
Load Balancer

Middleware’s AI-based load balancer maintains the speed, scalability, and security of your application in real-time.

Multi Cloud multi region
Multi Cloud

Automate data center deployment and route traffic through the closest available data center.

Fasten your load balancing job
done with middleware

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