Middleware is a remote developer community focused on supercharging cloud-based infrastructure through automation. Our mission is to enable companies to save cloud-related expenses with automated resource optimization and scaling of business applications. Middleware further aims to improve server utilization and save valuable resources such as electricity by reducing waste.

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Middleware is the brainchild of a few passionate hackers who predicted the disruption of cloud technology nearly a decade ago when scaling applications was an extreme challenge. With internet users growing exponentially, scaling your application with massive resources on the cloud is not a great solution. We’re here to transform the power of the cloud and help your business scale in the simplest way possible.

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Our Services

save cloud cost

Cost Effective System

Middleware creates cloud resources while the application is in use and helps save on downtime costs.

AI based Cloud Infrastructure

Deploys AI-based solutions to make your cloud infrastructure smarter, flexible, and more resilient to scale as needed.

AI based Cloud Infrastructure
Opensource with 1000s of contributors

Opensource with 1000s of contributors

Operates on an open-source platform with 1000+ contributors. By harnessing some of the brightest minds in the world, we offer nothing less than the best.

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