36% of organizations have migrated from traditional APM to observability tools.Know why

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More time building, less time fixing. Our experienced developers are committed to automating and streamlining the world of cloud-native applications.


Our mission

Cloud-based technology is evolving. Companies that want to stay competitive can’t rely on old, outdated technologies, methods, and processes.

Our mission is to empower organizations of all sizes to modernize their infrastructure world with agile, scalable, and resource-light observability tools.

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Our story

Middleware was founded in September 2022 by a few passionate data experts who have been experimenting with cloud-native monitoring at scale with a cost-effective solution for the last 4 to 5 years.

Our founders are from Splunk, Segment, Newrelic, Databricks, and Acquire. While working in these companies, we found that companies generate billions of data in the cloud than ever. However, these data are silos, are complicated to understand what happened inside the infrastructure and applications.

That’s where we launched a unified observability platform. It provides an all-in-one timeline where you can see logs, traces, and metrics in one place. So your DevOps can find issues, root-cause and diagnose problems in real-time. But that’s not enough our intelligent machine-learning-based alerts and notifications can notify your team before an incident occur. As a result, developers can focus on building the product rather than looking for the issue for hours and hours.

Also, you can lower cloud costs by ingesting data into the big data warehouse. We provide a model to connect your s3 and azure blob to store all your data so you can set your data rotation policy and secure the data.


Our commitments

Middleware isn’t just a platform. It’s a mission. Here are some of our commitments to you as we embark on this mission together.


Many cloud-based platforms are high-cost, low capacity. We want to flip that model on its head, enabling agile, rapid evolution that conforms to your business’ scale. Start free, then grow from there.

Leveraging cutting-edge

As cloud-native and AI-powered technologies become the market standard, Middleware is ahead of the curve, not behind it. We’re revolutionizing data observability and empowering developers to be proactive instead of reactive.

Open source

Nearly all of Middleware’s underlying technology is open source, created by thousands of contributors around the world. It’s this open source approach that has enabled us to build a world-class observability platform so quickly.

A community of
tech leaders

We’re not just about building great technology (although we do that well). We also want to build relationships. When you join the Middleware community, you aren’t just buying a product—you’re joining a movement into a more open, advanced, and cloud-native future.

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