Middleware is a fully remote dev community that aims to supercharge all cloud-based infrastructure through automation. Our mission is to empower companies to save on cloud-related expenses by automatically optimizing resources and scaling business applications horizontally and vertically. While achieving this objective, our goal is also to optimize precious resources such as electricity and reducing its wastage.

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Who We Are.

Middleware is the brainchild of a few passionate hackers who envisioned the
disruption of cloud technology.
Scaling the application was a different challenge
10 years ago than today, internet users are increasing exponentially and scaling your application
by creating tons of resources on cloud is not a great solution.
And we are here to bring about this revolution.

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Cost Effective System

Most of the time those resources run on the lowest capacity and you are paying a huge cloud cost. Why not create cloud resources when there is the use of the application and the rest of the time just save the cost.

AI based Cloud Infrastructure

We deploy Artificially Intelligent solutions to make cloud infrastructure smarter, flexible, and more resilient to scale as per the organization’s needs.

AI based Cloud Infrastructure
Opensource with 1000s of contributors

Opensource with 1000s of contributors

Middleware operates on an open-source platform with more than 1000+ contributors helping with the upkeep and development. By harnessing some of the brightest minds around the world, we offer nothing less than the best.

Do You Share Our Passion
to Make Cloud Technology
More Seamless and Accessible?
Join Us.

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Auto scale your cloud
Infrastructure with middleware

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