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We are a fully remote dev community where we want to automate all the cloud infrastructure. Our mission is to save huge cloud costs by optimizing unused resources and automatically.

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Who We Are.

Middleware was founded by a few hackers who are passionate about cloud infrastructure. Scaling the application was a different challenge 10 years ago than today, internet users are increasing exponentially and scaling your application by creating tons of resources on cloud is not a great solution.

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Cost Effective

Most of the time those resources run on the lowest capacity and you are paying a huge cloud cost. Why not create cloud resources when there is use of application and rest of the time just save the cost.

AI based Cloud

We wanted to revolutionize the cloud infrastructure by making them smart and understand its needs by using AI.

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Open source

Most of the technology built at middleware is open source. We have 1000 contributors all over the world who are helping us to build world class cloud infrastructure technology.

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middleware - Automate your cloud infrastructure with advanced level algorithms that optimise your cost & scale application for high availability & scalability

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