Full-Stack Observability is a Must to Modernize Complex Cloud Environments
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Our Company

Middleware is an end-to-end cloud observability platform that streamlines and visualizes customers’ entire technology stack, simplifies cloud-native complexity, and delivers outstanding business outcomes.


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Our mission

Cloud-based technology is evolving. Companies that want to stay competitive can’t rely on old, outdated technologies, methods, and processes.

Our mission is to empower organizations of all sizes to modernize their infrastructure stack with agile, scalable, and resource-light observability tools.


Our story

Built by Engineers, for Engineers

Middleware was established in 2022 and founded by data experts from tech giants like Netflix, DigitalOcean, Google, Cisco, Freshworks, and Acquire. They came together to fix how cloud-generated data is handled at scale. Now, Middleware provides a unified observability platform that integrates logs, traces, and metrics for users to quickly identify issues within their infrastructure and increase the speed at which they arrive at solutions.

Middleware effortlessly ingests data from your big data warehouse to connect with S3 and Azure Blob for secure data storage and management. Our team is committed to simplifying the complexities of cloud-native monitoring through technical expertise and innovation.


Our commitments

Middleware isn’t just a platform; it’s a mission. Here are some of our commitments to you as we embark on this journey together.


Empowering Engineers

Full-stack observability empowers all of your engineers throughout the software lifecycle. With Middleware, you can drive faster resolution, accelerate planning cycles, cut change failure rates, and speed up your team’s release frequency.


Open Source Commitment

Middleware is committed to developing high-quality, open-source technology. This open-source approach has enabled us to build a world-class observability platform at a record pace.


Cost-Effective, Cloud-Native

Many cloud-based platforms are high-cost and low-capacity. We want to flip that model, enabling agile, rapid evolution that conforms to your business’s scale.


A Community of Tech Leaders

We’re not just about building great technology (although we do that well); we’re building relationships as well. When you join the Middleware community, you aren’t just buying a product—you’re joining a movement into a more open, advanced, and cloud-native future.


Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology

As cloud-native technology becomes the market standard, Middleware has you covered. We’re revolutionizing data observability and empowering developers to be proactive instead of reactive.

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