Why Businesses Need Proactive Monitoring?
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Error tracking

Monitor errors and crashes across web applications and browsers with Middleware.

Error Tracking Middleware

Find and fix issues with
RUM Error tracking

Leverage Middleware’s error tracking functionality for better insights into web app performance
and issue resolution.

Browser Error

Browser Errors

  • Track front-end errors with Real User Monitoring Error Tracking.
  • Receive error messages with a full error stack and error attribute to dive deep into issues.
  • Leverage error tracking across RUM without additional instrumentation.

Error Troubleshooting

  • Link errors with codes for easy troubleshooting.
  • Examine errors in-depth, including their code stack traces, to pinpoint the root causes.
  • Explore performance and error data with Middleware session replays.
Error Troubleshooting
Alerting RUM


  • Receive automatic notifications for every new issue, ensuring proactive management of potential challenges.
  • Customize alerts by adjusting thresholds to receive relevant notifications.
  • Get alerts on email, Slack, and other communication channels.

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Error Tracking

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