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Checkout the legal aspect of middleware

Introduction to GDPR

Personal Data of EU citizen in one or the other way could be collected when using Middleware while we create databases of contacts, their information, and business dealings with them. “Data Subjects” are classified as an individual hence, not all customers will be data subjects. Businesses or government organizations are also our customers to which GDPR does not
apply to.


  • First and last name
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Company name

GDPR Obligations Compliance

Access Control

Access to our production networks is controlled through multi-factor authentication over HTTPS encrypted protocol.
Strict Firewall rules restrict access to vulnerable ports to ensure secure and limited access to production environment.
We also utilize intrusion detection systems in our corporate network to identify potential security threats.

Login Security

Each user can log in with their unique username and password with specific authorization and permission level as controlled by account administrator.
Password complexity is conformed to defined password standards and configuration.

Run On-Premise with Ease

On Cloud Hosted Deployment

100% Secure – End-to-end Encrypted
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