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Full-stack infrastructure monitoring.

Identify issues & track down root causes across your modern IT infrastructure with traces, logs, and more.

full-stack infrastructure-monitoring with-traces, logs and metrics

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Track the health & performance of your
entire tech stack

Leverage Middleware Observability to bridge the gap between front-end and back-end data, visible in a single unified dashboard.

track the health and performance of your entire stack

Visibility across your infrastructure


Visibility across your infrastructure

Integrate real-time insights across your entire infrastructure for fast troubleshooting.


Scalable solutions with modern technology

Leverage best-in-class, cloud-based infrastructure that scales to your organization’s needs.


Best value to grow & enhance over time

Freemium & multi-tiered access help you save 10X what you’d spend on a legacy platform.

Out-of-the-box infrastructure configuration

Middleware Observability’s 50+ turnkey integrations enable you to get started in a few simple steps:

monitor your entire infrastructure with 50+ integrations -including AWS, Slack, Jira & more

Set up infrastructure integrations like AWS, Kubernetes and more within minutes

Gather metrics from individual containers with open source agents

Full scalability gives you the foundation to start at your current level & build over time

Detect infrastructure issues in real-time, gather insights, and analyze deployments

Detect infrastructure issues in real time

Connect correlation to causation and get to the root causes of issues with Middleware Observability’s infrastructure monitoring:

  • Gather insights into specific technologies, containers, data sources and more with out-of-the-box dashboards
  • Analyze deployments and changes and pinpoint issues on a unified platform
  • View all logs, traces, and data in just a few clicks

Enrich infrastructure monitoring with visualizations

Contextualize and analyze your disparate data with unified dashboards and visualizations:

  • Monitor IT infrastructure metrics, distributed traces, logs and more from a single location
  • Visualize server health, as well as the status of your serverless functions
  • Develop AI-powered alerts for your engineers to enable real-time troubleshooting and problem-solving
enrich infrastructure monitoring with visualizations

Our top features


One-click deployment

Reduce onboarding time with one-click deployments, including automated tracking & versioning.


Performance monitoring

Identify errors, root causes, and impact radius so you can quickly and effectively fix them.


Data customization

Only receive the insights relevant to your business by customizing data inputs.


Advanced data mapping

Match fields among your various databases for transparency and accessibility.


Advanced filtration

Exercise precise control over the data you view for detailed, granular analysis.


Deep visibility

Gather deep insights from any individual host, or from the entire cluster.

Unified dashboard for your entire stack

Unified dashboard for your entire stack

Bring together all your infrastructure data in one central location to allow for holistic insights and deep problem solving:

  • Connect the dots between data sources, application performance, and user experience
  • Identify the source of problems impacting multiple entities and quantify the impact radius of each incident
  • Replay historical states to improve understanding & reduce time-to-action

Solve problems at the source
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  • One-click setup
  • Highly scalable