We have launched synthetic monitoring, improved APM and Alerts UI

Application performance monitoring

End-to-end visibility on your entire tech stack to monitor application performance. Use APM to quickly identify and resolve root cause issues with correlated traces.


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Deploy on any stack at any scale

Gain full visibility into your cloud-native infrastructure with end-to-end distributed
tracing, dependency mapping, and full-stack application performance monitoring.

Deploy on any stack at any scale - APM

Identify, optimize, and fix Issues on
a single platform.

Middleware APM allows you to monitor service dependencies and health metrics, reduce latency, and
eliminate errors by seamlessly correlating distributed traces with frontend and backend data.

End-to-end distributed tracing

End-to-End tracing

  • Spot and resolve issues even faster by collecting end-to-end distributed traces and correlating them with the rest of your observability data
  • Connect distributed traces to infrastructure metrics, logs, and processes
  • Deploy APM in seconds on hosts and containers, and easily instrument your application to generate traces.
End-to-end distributed tracing

Dependency Visualization
& Profiling

  • With a breakdown of application profiling data for each distributed request, you can quickly identify the most time-consuming parts of your code.
  • Discover components whose communication contains errors.
  • Analyze code bottlenecks that impact service performance and other typical issues like slow database queries, and unusual memory consumption with profiling.
End-to-end distributed tracing

Service health

  • Real-time metrics and correlated telemetry provide instant visibility into the health of every service and deployment.
  • Detect issues in any service using visualizations and alerting across all services.
  • Service maps generated by APM provide immediate visibility into all service interactions, dependencies, and performance.
End-to-end distributed tracing

Instant root cause
analysis and Error trace

  • Middleware AI analyses billions of events and traces to assist you in addressing the causes of problems rather than the symptoms.
  • The Error Tracking Explorer displays issues that Middleware has identified as well as important aggregates such as each issue’s total error count and frequency over time.
  • Get error details and each attribute which helps to identify the root cause and solution

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