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A multi cloud,
Dev & Ops platform for your cloud

Build and run your application on any cloud with a click of a button. Transform your Dev & Ops.

  • Deploy and manage apps across any cloud
  • Manage global control plane across clouds
  • Automate container management and security

multi cloud

multi cloud devops platform

It’s time to migrate from Traditional
way to Middleware way

Middleware is the most advanced and innovative platform for DevOps. Automate your cloud provisioning to deployment and management in one place.

multicloud based

Our robust multicloud based

Middleware is a truly multi-cloud platform where you can provision and deploy your application to any cloud within a single click. Also, after deployment, you can route the traffic to any cloud within a click to reduce the dependencies on a single cloud provider.

auto scaler in any cloud
save money to deploy your application in multiple clouds.

Deploy all kinds of applications in all major cloud providers

Middleware platform supports all different types of applications like a web app, cloud-native app, and programming language from Nodejs to go and java.

An autoscaller system
with highly full scale
system for your infra

Supports effective server and resource management. Paired with service discovery, the load balancer handles traffic across networks.

Monitor app in multi cloud

The better way to analyze your cloud expenses

Middleware generates machine images automatically without any code inputs. All that the user needs to do is connect the microservice to the platform.

  • Continuous load monitoring
  • High performance, faster response
  • Load balancing across multiple servers

Secure your cloud infrastructure

Middleware constantly looks after your cloud to protect automating visibility, Analyzing call patterns, Behavior detection, and threat response

  • 360-degree view of your cloud security profile
  • Track Real-time progress of your compliance score
  • Security automation to reply to threats quicker
 Dev and Ops in any cloud

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middleware - Automate your cloud infrastructure with advanced level algorithms that optimise your cost & scale application for high availability & scalability

Run On-Premise with Ease

On Cloud Hosted Deployment

100% Secure – End-to-end Encrypted
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