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Get end-to-end
visibility with
container monitoring

Leverage Middleware container monitoring for unified visibility into the health and performance of containerized environments and applications.


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Real-time data & analytics for containerized environments

Monitor your container ecosystem to identify gaps between application and server performance.

real time data analytics for containerized environments

Complete system visibility and context at scale


Full visibility into containers

Solve problems in real time with integrated visibility into all containerized & Docker environments.


Integrate data from multiple sources

Collect data from Kubernetes, applications, pods, Dockers, microservices, metrics, & traces.


Scale as your ecosystem grows

Freemium & multi-tiered access enable you to invest at your current level and scale over time.

auto discover containers, collect real-time of each container’s health, resource consumption, and deployment status

Auto-discover containers out of the box

Reduce time-to-action & increase server uptime. Middleware creates real-time visualizations of your container map so you can:

  • Detect when containers are created and destroyed
  • Automatically discover services no matter where they spin up
  • Collect detailed, real-time overviews of each container’s health, resource consumption, & deployment status

Get to the root cause of issues

Middleware container monitoring improves your application performance with deep insights to troubleshoot in real time.

  • Seamlessly move from correlation to causation by connecting metrics, logs, traces, & network data
  • Surface critical information about each layer of your Kubernetes clusters
  • Run endpoint checks against external services, applications, & data sources
get-to-the-root-cause-of-issues-deep insights & troubleshoot in real time and Surface critical information about each layer of your Kubernetes clusters
receive alerts optimize data analytics with visualization and dashboards

Receive alerts & insights in one location

Optimize data analytics with visualization and dashboards for a clearer understanding of front- and back-end experiences:

  • Spot emerging issues in real time—no need to pre-configure your alerts
  • See performance across your entire ecosystem on a single screen
  • Visualize metrics and traces to pinpoint root causes
  • Receive instant threat alerts when suspicious activity occurs inside your clusters

Our top features


Kubernetes as core

Proactively manage all clusters & track resource usage with a solid Kubernetes foundation.


Automatic microservice discovery

Reduce time and workload by automatically locating applications & microservices within your network.


Cluster-level monitoring

View the health of your Kubernetes clusters in real time so you can respond to issues quickly.


Suspicious activity alerts

Automatically detect early warning signs that could compromise your Kubernetes clusters.


Real-time metrics

Identify and analyze small errors before they cause bigger problems across your containers.


Unified logs, traces, & metrics

Analyze all relevant observability data from a centralized location that monitors all your containers.


Monitor your entire infrastructure

Leverage over 50+ integrations—including AWS, Azure, GCP & more—to monitor your entire infrastructure, including cloud, hybrid, and serverless containers:

  • Troubleshoot issues with distributed tracing for each component
  • Monitor per-container metrics, including resource usage, response error rates, and more
  • Leverage built-in dashboards to operate from a single source of truth
monitor your entire infrastructure with 50+ integrations -including AWS, Azure, GCP & more

Solve problems at the source.
See Middleware Observability in action.

  • Free forever
  • One-click setup
  • Highly scalable