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Log monitoring

Collect log data across applications, cloud services, and on-premises to monitor, analyze and troubleshoot performance and security issues before they impact users.


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Streamline log monitoring for
Enhanced Troubleshooting

Get all the infrastructure and application logs on a unified observability platform with one script installation.
The correlation of logs with metrics and traces helps to troubleshoot issues faster.

Streamline log monitoring for - Log

Monitor logs seamlessly across your
entire stack.

Log monitoring gives you complete visibility, real-time search, and powerful insights into your
applications and system. see all logs from everywhere.

Centralized log monitoring

Centralized log monitoring

  • Collect and monitor logs in real-time from all systems and applications in one place.
  • Use search option and advanced filters to analyze logs and find patterns easily.
  • Save and reuse the search query for faster troubleshooting. View historical log data with the time travel feature.
Correlation with other observability data

Correlation with other observability data

  • Correlate logs with metrics and traces simultaneously allows you to dive deep into any specific issue and find the root cause.
  • Correlation makes identifying patterns in logs or issues simple, allowing for faster resolution.
  • It improves troubleshooting and problem resolution by providing a more comprehensive view of system and application behavior.
AI-based alerts on logs

AI-based alerts on logs

  • Get default alerts for critical and error logs in your system with Middleware AI-based alerts..
  • Enables the creation of custom alerts and notifications based on specific log data, providing proactive monitoring for critical issues.
  • Allows you to set alert thresholds to ensure that only relevant alerts are sent.
Easy to set up and Cost-effective.

Easy to set up and Cost-effective.

  • It will be simple to obtain all of your environment’s 100% logs with a single script installation.
  • Store log data on your cloud to reduce cost by 10X.
  • Reduce operational overhead by streamlining performance and troubleshooting issues faster.

Get started with Log Monitoring

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