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Get your data to the right destination.

Take control of your observability data with the freedom to collect, transform, and route data anywhere.

Observability Pipelines from Middleware

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Send data to anywhere,
from anywhere

Reduce, enrich, normalize, and route data to any destination
within your existing infrastructure.

How Middleware's observability pipelines work

Streamline your workflows to eliminate redundancies


Streamline your workflows to eliminate redundancies

Quickly connect data stream sources to destinations through simple drag and drop.


Reduce complexity and increase usability

Empower non-technical users with pre-built routes, pipelines, samples, lookups, and more.


Engage in flexible, hybrid deployments

Deploy on-prem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment—and unify all your data in one place.

High span of control with petabyte-level performance

Gain comprehensive and full control of data, traces, metrics, logs, and more at a cost-efficient, scalable rate.

High span of control with petabyte-level performance
Take Control

Take control of your observability data without making compromises

Reduce Latency

Use adaptive requests enhance data reliability and reduce latency

Construct Pipeline

Construct observability pipelines across open source material to build a secure and memory-safe core

Ensure data quality through high-caliber implementation

Ensure data quality through high-caliber implementation

Drive high-caliber data implementation by routing full-fidelity copies of raw data to low-cost storage.

  • Anticipate changes within type-safe transformations that maintain and organize data quality
  • Leverage adaptive schemas to enrich investigation and resolution
  • Use built-in processors to format, transform, and organize existing systems

Auto-implement safeguards to secure data

Protect your data by eliminating silos and providing contextual security alerts, reducing response and resolution times.

Data protection
Maintain compliance

Maintain compliance with GDPR, PCI DSS certifications, SOC1 & SOC2, and more

Gain full control

Gain full control over data routing with centralized and multi-region deployments

Stay compliant with laws

Stay compliant with residency laws without sacrificing control or flexibility

Create observability pipelines that are fully compatible with hundreds of systems

Create pipelines fully compatible with hundreds of systems

Leverage our 50+ integrations—including AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, and more—to ensure seamless and secure data transfer.

  • Create platform-agnostic pipelines that are fully functional in all environments
  • Automatically outline data to the correct schema to enrich and map out migrations
  • Adapt new automations without vendor lock-in through open source technology
  • Monitor on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments from a single dashboard

Powerful, fully scalable technology

Adapt Middleware’s observability pipelines to your needs with a lightweight, high-capacity infrastructure that scales with you.

Middleware’s observability pipelines are fully scalable
Process Everything

Process all your logs, traces, and metrics in one place, combining flexibility with low cost

Lower Data Volumes

Lower your total data volumes through aggregation and rule-based sampling

System Protection using rules

Incorporate rule-based throttles to protect your system from potential spikes

Solve problems at the source.
See Middleware Observability in action.

  • Free forever
  • One-click setup
  • Highly scalable