middleware cloud OS pricing
middleware pricing

Automate your cloud
infrastructure with Middleware.

Middleware is blazing fast cloud infrastructure that can scale horizontally
and vertically without you touching your cloud provider.

Predictive AI
based load balancer

10x faster by
remembering sessions

Take action
based on usages

Our pricing plans

Community Edition

Free Forever

Fully open-source

Free 2 service for forever

Community support

Unlimited Usages

50+ integration

Support one datacenter


Enterprise Version

Contact us for pricing

Community additon+

Unlimited services

On-prem or cloud hosted


Detail logs and trigger

24/7 dedicated Support

Multi region multiple cloud provider

 Why middleware?

autoscaler icon

Auto Scaler

Our no-code automated containerization system is a fitting competition to the likes of Kubernetes.

load balancer icon

AI Load balancer

Middleware’s AI-based load balancer maintains the speed, scalability, and security of your application in real-time.

service discovery icon

Service Discovery

Service discovery in real-time shares actionable insights that allow the application to stay up at all times.

containerized system icon

Containerized system

Create and delete virtual machines automatically to match with the load experienced.

Multi Cloud Multi Region

Multi Cloud & Region

Automate data center deployment and route traffic through the closest available data center.

highly scalable icon

High Availability

Work with a highly responsive application that maintains record-time scalability and high availability.

Fasten your load balancing job
done with middleware

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