Full-Stack Observability is a Must to Modernize Complex Cloud Environments
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Session Replays

Record and visually replicate the web browsing journey of your users.

Session Replays Middleware

Unlimited Session replays with
Middleware RUM

Improve user experience and fix UI problems by reviewing user sessions and analyzing data and errors.

In-depth insights into user behavior

In-depth insights into user behavior

  • Obtain visual representation of user activity on all website pages and web applications.
  • Gather details on attributes like application name, browser specifics, recording information, and host details.
  • Gain valuable insights for pattern identification and user experience enhancement.

Replays for troubleshooting

  • Review replays for comprehending users’ journeys and challenges.
  • Quickly address and rectify problems using session insights.
  • Detect problems by observing areas where users deviate from expected responses or unintentionally interact with your website.
Replay Troubleshooting middleware
Root cause analysis with errors

Root cause analysis with errors

  • Achieve comprehensive visibility through the correlation of session replays with errors.
  • Expedite root cause analysis by accessing error details associated with each session replay.
  • Enhance analysis capabilities by obtaining the complete error stack and correlating it.

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