Full-Stack Observability is a Must to Modernize Complex Cloud Environments
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Discover why Middleware is the best observability platform over New relic. 

Middleware is the top-rated alternative to New relic! It offers extensive monitoring capabilities that go beyond just data aggregation and troubleshooting.


5 Reasons why Middleware is
the best New Relic alternative

AI-based advisor provides useful insights

1. AI-based advisor provides useful insights and suggestions

    • Real-time insights into the root cause and behavior through detailed log analysis.
    • Proactively monitor critical issues with custom alerts based on specific log data.
    • Automated detection of outliers, anomalies, and log errors for efficient troubleshooting.
Ensure performance with powerful alerts

2. Cost-effective and best value for ROI

  • Simple and transparent pricing for a comprehensive, cost-effective monitoring solution.
  • Every plan includes default retention, queries, alerts, AIOps, dashboards, free storage, and all features.
  • Invest less for 5x value (60% less cost than other New relic) without hidden charges or overage penalties.
Ensure performance with powerful alerts

3. Easy setup with single script installation

  • Literally, you can deploy Middleware in three minutes.
  • Obtaining all of your environment's 100% logs, traces, and events will be easy with a single script installation.
Powerful monitoring tools in a single place

4. Powerful monitoring tools in a single place

  • Unified access: logs, infrastructure, serverless, Kubernetes, DB, and synthetic monitoring.
  • Comprehensive app and user insights across clouds: code, traces, metrics, logs, metadata.
Ensure performance with powerful alerts

5. Unified view

  • A unified timeline enables the correlation of metrics, logs, traces, and events for faster troubleshooting.
  • Correlation reveals system behavior, identifies root causes, and enhances problem resolution with deep insights.


Supports effective server and resource management. Paired with service mesh, the
load balancer handles traffic across networks.

Unique value propositionMiddlewareNew relic
Actual unified view (with correlations)
Installation processSingle stepLengthy step
Cost-effective pricing (no extras cost at peak and downtime)5x lessCostly
AI-based recommendationNot really
Data retention180 daysAdditional $0.05/GB log
events each month.
All features(APM, infra monitoring, RUM, etc) access in every plan
Data storage on your servers / on-premise
Unlimited free containers per host
Custom development and custom log monitoring
Technical supportOnly in the enterprise plan

Our customers tell the best stories


We migrated from Datadog to Middleware because we absolutely love their unified view. It's such a simple but incredibly useful tool. This among other features made it a no brainer for us to migrate. We monitor our logs, metrics, and traces at a very affordable cost.

Cliff, President and Founder at Puresend


We use Middleware.io for monitoring our cloud infrastructure. It is extremely easy to integrate and provides a comprehensive view of your cloud environment with a very affordable price.

Artem Harutyunyan, Co-Founder at Bardeen.ai

How to get started with Middleware?

Create a monitor with any network type and start synthetic monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Middleware offers log monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, and APM services; all features are free for a lifetime. You can use Middleware for free forever with all features for monitoring up to 2 machines.

New Relic offers user-based pricing in combination with telemetry-based pricing, while Middleware charges based on usage. So unlimited number of users can join you project and help debug issues faster.

Yes. We have multiple products, and you can choose any or all of them. You will only be charged for the products to which you have subscribed.

We offer a solution where you can save your log in your data storage, which keeps your cost low when you have a high log volume. To know more about it, please book a demo with our Product export.