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Build your own dashboards. Unify your query languages.

Be it Python, NodeJs or SQL queries, leverage your ways to unify all the data stored in your warehouse. A simple, open, and cloud-based solution.

Use any query language to create custom dashboard

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Open source plugin for all
your query languages

Middleware ingests, discovers, analyzes and visualizes your data across sources and languages.

Expand insight into query choices & performance


Expand insight into query choices & performance

Gain full visibility into SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, and Azure Synapse Analytics, and more.


Transform diverse data into insights

Reduce and transform large amounts of data from a dataset, into specific and relevant pieces of information into an expansive processing language.


Scale to meet your technology needs

Achieve nested and semi-structured processes with minimal extensions, allowing for optional schema, independent of physical formats.

Get started with creating your custom dashboard using any query language in under a minute

Get started in minutes, right out of the box

Don’t wait to start finding connections and integrating your data. Middleware’s automated systems enable you to get started within minutes.

  • Open source software enables developers to parse and embed with ease
  • Auto-generate dynamic forms that adapt to any environment
  • Gain instant knowledge of queries running and recently finished

Integrate languages with automated interpreters

Enable all your systems to talk to each other in real time and

  • Simply add new back-end language with new interpreters, like Python, SQL R, JDBC, Markdown and Shell
  • Automatically set up new interpreters when scaling your infrastructure
  • Reduce processing load by automatically terminating interpreters upon idling
Integrate languages with automated interpreters
Empower team-wide collaboration

Empower team-wide collaboration

Data that doesn’t inform organization-wide decisions is functionally useless. Turn data into insights that drive decision making.

  • Customize your dashboards and visualizations to prioritize the most important insights
  • Collaborate with your team by sharing dashboard URLs in real time
  • Create multi-language charts, graphs, and other visualizations

Adapt your technology to your current & future needs

Middleware is a one-size-fits-all solution that can scale to your needs as you grow.

  • Adapt methodologies and gain more insights with compatible query languages
  • Manage your data and analytics held in a relational database system for streamline processing
  • Process both transactional and analytical structured data from relational databases
  • Access the non-relational data of the data pool, while maintaining strict backward compatibility
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