Unified log management
for modern applications

Collect, process, and analyze log data to gain insights into system performance, user behavior, and security events. Everything is in a centralized place

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Why Middleware?

A single-step installation

A single-step installation

Install with a single script and start monitoring your log and infrastructure data in real-time.

Pay as you go

Pay as you go

Pay only for what you use-no hidden charges and no overage penalties

300+ Integrations

300+ Integrations

We have predefined integration with the leading 300+ tech stack.

Our powerful features provide
betters results

With a complete log management solution, you can identify and troubleshoot issues faster,
improve user experience, and optimize your infrastructure for better performance.

Powerful AI-insights

Powerful AI-insights

  • Get AI-based recommendations for your logs and errors with details of root cause and solution.
  • It allows creating of custom alerts and notifications based on specific log data, enabling proactive monitoring of critical issues.
  • Alert thresholds can be set to ensure that only relevant alerts are sent.
  • Automatically detect outliers, anomalies, and log errors without reading every log file.

Centralized log management

  • Collect, store and monitor logs from all systems and applications in real time, all in one place.
  • Easily analyze logs and find patterns using the search option and advanced filters.
  • Save time troubleshooting with the ability to save and reuse search queries.
  • The time travel feature allows you to view historical log data.
Centralized log management
Get complete visibility without worrying about the cost

Get complete visibility without worrying about the cost

  • Collect, process, inspect, and archive logs for only $1 per 1M events logs.
  • Pay only for indexing the logs you need.
  • Audits or investigations by accessing archived logs without paying for active storage.
  • Store log data on your cloud to reduce cost by 10X.

Easily available 50+ Integrations

We compatible with your plenty of favorite tools

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Our customers tell the best stories


We migrated from Datadog to Middleware because we absolutely love their unified view. It's such a simple but incredibly useful tool. This among other features made it a no brainer for us to migrate. We monitor our logs, metrics, and traces at a very affordable cost.

Cliff, President and Founder at Puresend


We use Middleware.io for monitoring our cloud infrastructure. It is extremely easy to integrate and provides a comprehensive view of your cloud environment with a very affordable price.

Artem Harutyunyan, Co-Founder at Bardeen.ai

Don't let log data overwhelm you

Try our log management solution to take proactive measures to prevent issues and optimize performance.

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