From PostgreSQL integration to improved UX. Check all major product updates released in June 2023 here:

From Vercel partnership to Database integration, we made quite a good update last month, and we are excited to share more details with you all.

Here’s what happened last month:

1. Vercel <> Middleware partnership 

We are thrilled to announce that Middleware is an observability partner of Vercel. You can find us on the Vercel marketplace.  It brings you a monitoring solution for your Vercel serverless functions and performance. 

Vercel Integration

Read this article to understand in detail how you can leverage this integration. 

2. PostgreSQL Database integration

Collect performance and health metrics for your Postgres Database and visualize it in Middleware to understand the behavior of database resource usage over time and other key metrics. 

You can create alerts on your database metrics to monitor any unusual database performance

Integrate the PostgreSQL database in just a few simple steps.

PostgreSQL Dashboard

3. AWS Cloudwatch Metrics Reports

With our default reports of AWS CloudWatch metrics, you can conveniently monitor all the important metrics in one place. We provide a pre-created dashboard that eliminates the need to create one yourself. Simply use our default dashboard to monitor your AWS CloudWatch metrics effortlessly.

AWS Cloudwatch Metrics Reports

4. Product Improvements 

We now support application logs in Java applications

Now, you can access logs for java based applications directly on our unified dashboard and within the log module.

Log customization with advanced settings

To offer you more control, we have introduced advanced settings for log collection. You can now specify which logs to monitor and even define custom log paths.

advanced settings

Custom dashboard with K8s service data.

Now you can list and monitor K8s service in real-time by linking K8s pods and service data and creating graphs illustrating CPU, RAM, Disk, Network usage, and many more parameters.

5. UX update

We have added a “save filter” option to save any filter and apply it with a single click to view log data.

saving filters in Middleware

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