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Middleware Slashes Revenium's Observability Costs by Over 10X

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With Middleware's comprehensive telemetry and user-friendly features, Revenium improved operational efficiency and service delivery while reducing their observability costs by over 10X.


  • Enhanced operational efficiency and service delivery through comprehensive telemetry.
  • Accelerated incident root cause analysis.
  • Achieved over a 10X reduction in observability costs compared to New Relic.

Challenges with Existing Observability Tool (New Relic)

As Revenium scaled its operations, ensuring the health and performance of its platform became paramount. However, their existing observability solution, New Relic, presented several challenges. High costs, unexpected billing spikes due to undisclosed charges, and restrictive licensing models hindered Revenium's ability to derive value from the platform.

“Our monthly spend with NewRelic surpassed the value we were getting out of it. The specific incident that triggered us to look at other vendors was when we turned on JVM-level telemetry and were not aware that it incurred a "custom event" cost, which skyrocketed our bill 10X for a month.”

John D'Emic, Co-Founder and CTO at Revenium.

“Aside from JVM telemetry, we make heavy use of our application-level custom metrics, and being penalized on cost was a significant trade-off for observability. To top it off, New Relic's (expensive) per-seat licensing model limited the accessibility I could provide to our team,” John added.

Seeking a cost-effective alternative without compromising on functionality, Revenium turned to Middleware. The decision was driven by Middleware's promise of low overhead and robust monitoring capabilities for JVM runtimes.

“We primarily chose Middleware because New Relic became prohibitively expensive, considering that we were only using a subset of its features. Middleware offers feature parity with New Relic for the features that matter to us.”

John D'Emic, Co-Founder and CTO at Revenium.

Middleware: A Solution to Costly Observability

The transition from New Relic to Middleware marked a significant shift for Revenium. While the process was smooth overall, challenges arose during the integration into their ECS environment. This is where Middleware’s support team played a crucial role, providing guidance and assistance to ensure a seamless onboarding experience.

Middleware proved instrumental in addressing Revenium's observability challenges, particularly in ECS monitoring. The custom metrics feature empowered John and his team to track critical business events within the Revenium platform. By integrating with the Java SDK, they were able to connect business data with telemetry data, gaining valuable insights into customer interactions, transaction volumes, and error rates. In no time, Revenium experienced significant cost savings, surpassing a 10X reduction compared to their highest New Relic bill.

“Middleware has proven to be a more cost-effective and user-friendly alternative to New Relic, enabling us to capture comprehensive telemetry across our platform. This improved our operational efficiency, service delivery, and accelerated incident root cause analysis.”

John D'Emic, Co-Founder and CTO at Revenium.

About Revenium

Revenium develops an API monitoring and monetization platform designed to improve the observability of data ecosystems. The company's platform offers zero-code installation, easy integration with API platforms, and advanced metering and monetization tools. It enables businesses to take existing under-monetized datasets and turn them into API-backed products without reliance on engineering teams.

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Products:Infrastructure Monitoring
Use Cases:Proactive Alerts
Customized Dashboards with Application-level Custom Metrics
Reduced Observability Costs
Improved Operational Efficiency and Service Delivery
Faster Root Cause Analysis
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