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Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Our Load Balancer works on AI-based predictive modelling. The load balancer forecasts load
requirements and allocates resources preemptively to maintain application uptime.

AI load balancer

Global server load balancing (GSLB) automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple targets and virtual resources in one or more Availability Zones.

  • Continuous load monitoring
  • High performance
  • Load balancing across multiple cluster
  • Faster response to application health

Quick at solving problems

Supports effective server and resource management. Paired with service discovery, the load balancer handles traffic across networks and protocols for multiple instances. Use it to auto scale, containerize, and manage the cache of your microservices.

predictive AI based actions

AI-based Action

Learns with each iteration by discovering usage patterns and anticipating load requirements.

multiprotocol support


Supports multiple protocols, including HTTP, TCP, and UDP, for effective load balancing.

active cloud application health checks

Health Checks

Offers slow-start functionality to add new or recovered servers using out-of-band application health.

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Easy to configure

We offer simple functionality as it’s easy to set up and configure in three simple steps.

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Supports multi cloud environment

Our works with popular cloud-based service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Digital Ocean. You can manage and deploy the same confirmation of load balance in any of these clouds provider from one place.

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