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The middleware load balancer helps ensure a fast,
scalable, and secure application experience.

Load Balancer
Predictive AI Based Load Balancer

Predictive AI
based Load balancer

10x Faster By Remembering Sessions

10x faster by
remembering sessions

Take action based on usages

Take action
based on usages

What is middleware
load balancer ?

What is middleware load balancer ?

The Middleware Load Balancer operates on predictive modeling powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The system makes projections regarding load requirement and allocates the resources preemptively to maintain application uptime.

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • High Performance
  • AI load balance between multiple instances regions
  • Respond to application health

What middleware load balancer
solves the problem?

Middleware manages servers and resources effectively through its AI-powered load balancer. When paired with service discovery, it handles traffic across networks and protocols for multiple instances. Use it to auto-scale, containerize, and manage the cache of your microservices.

Predictive AI based Actions
Predictive AI based action

Middleware’s load balancer learns with every iteration by discovering usage patternsand anticipate requirements accordingly.

Support all protocol
Support all protocol

Middleware offers support to a number of applications, such as HTTP, TCP, and UDP, for effective load balancing.

Active Health Checks
Active health checks

Implement out-of-band application health checks with Middleware that offers slow-start functionality to add new or recovered servers.

High Performance in Peak Time
High performance in peak time

Middleware balances load handling capacity and accommodates traffic to the extent of millions without compromising on real-time performance.

How to configure load balancer

The following is a quick step-by-step guide on how to set up and configure load balancer using Middleware:

  • Sign up at Middleware and link your data center
  • Add the load balancer service and connect it to your application. All no code/ low code
  • Create or update the machine and instances
  • Voila! You are live!
set up and configure load balancer using Middleware
Middleware support various cloud providers

Support most of cloud
providers and others

Middleware offers support to popular cloud-based service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Digital Ocean. Our autoscaler is compatible with various data centers, and we are also in the process of expanding support to other platforms and providers. For an in-house datacenter, contact our experts for an enterprise solution.

Check other services

Service discovery
Service discovery

Service discovery in real-time shares actionable insights that allow the application to stay up at all times.

containerized system icon
Containerized system

Create and delete virtual machines automatically to match with the load experienced.

autoscaler icon
Auto Scaler

Our no-code automated containerization system is a fitting competition to the likes of Kubernetes.

Autonomous your cloud application
with Middleware.

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