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Auto Scaler

Power up servers with
High availability

AI-based Predictive services to autoscale your infrastructure to create or delete virtual machine (VM) instances based on increases or decreases in load.

Auto Scaler


Auto scale your cloud infrastructure so you never need to create machines manually.
Don’t pay for unused cloud usages

What is Auto Scaler ?

What is
Auto Scaler ?

Middleware autoscaler automatically creates and deletes virtual machines based on the load on your application. It checks all the patterns on your infrastructure and makes service ready beforehand, so your application is always up and running in peak time. Also, we sleep most of the machines on low traffic time so you can save a huge cloud cost.

Why Middleware
auto scaler is best solution

Middleware Auto Scaler allows service discovery, AI load balancing between multiple
services and multiple instances, proxy servers to handle traffic across networks, and
standard protocols to auto-scale infrastructure.

Make high availability and scalability by auto scale your infra
High availability and scalability

Middleware Auto Scaler deploys AI tools to maintain high availability and scalability by monitoring the cloud infrastructure and float resources behind the scenes.

cost saving icon
Huge cost saving

Our Auto Scaler puts resources to sleep when not in use, which could translate into 60% cost savings without compromising on the performance aspect.

Horizontal and vertical scaling
Horizontal and vertical scaling

Middleware Auto Scaler offers horizontal and vertical scaling of resources to autonomously maintain your application on the cloud and across geographical regions.

easy to deploy auto scaler
Easy to deploy

With a no-code infrastructure, Middleware Auto Scaler comes in a plug-and-play packaging, which can create services once you have it up and running on your cloud.

How Autoscaler works in
my infrastructure

auto scale infrastructure

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