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Autoscale your cloud application

AI-based Predictive services to autoscale your application to create or delete virtual machine (VM) instances based on increases or decreases in the load.

  • Deploy and manage apps across any cloud
  • Manage global control plane across clouds
  • Automate container management and security

ai autoscaler solution

What is Auto Scaler?

Middleware autoscaler automatically creates and deletes virtual machines based on the load on your application. It checks all the patterns on your infrastructure and makes service ready beforehand, so your application is always up and running in peak time. Also, we sleep most of the machines on low traffic time so you can save a huge cloud cost.

middleware autoscaler

infrastructure for
scalable applications

Middleware support Cluster Autoscaler, Vertical Pod Autoscaler and Addon Resizer in all the cloud without any extra configuration or coding.

  • Detect the load on app and deploy new resources
  • Horizontal and vertical scaling
  • Real-time analytics

auto scale infrastructure

Why Middleware
auto scaler is best solution?

Continuously ensure scalability and availability of your infrastructure and reduce costs using predictive and machine learning analytics and automation.

high availability and scalability

High availability
and scalability

Managed by AI to maintain high availability and scalability by monitoring the cloud load.

horizontal and vertical scaling

Horizontal and
vertical scaling

Horizontal and vertical scaling of resources to autonomously maintain your application.

easy to deploy auto scaler

Easy and
fast deployment

Deploy your application with a few clicks of buttons and our AI will scale manage automatically.

cost saving

cost savings

Learns with each iteration by discovering usage patterns and anticipating load requirements.

optimize resources

Optimize without
changing anything

Easy to deploy your resources without changing the architecture of your app and code.

auto fault detection

Auto fault

We detect faults on VMs and applications to re-route the traffic on a different cluster.

cluster and application autoscaling

Cluster & application

Middleware supports Horizontal cluster and application
autoscaling to control a number of instances of an
application to support the load.

  • Dynamic Application Sizing
  • Horizontal Cluster Autoscaling
  • Horizontal Application Autoscaling
  • Predictive AI autoscaling

Agents, API,
CLI and more

Middleware install agents in instance to monitor
usages and we support API and CLI to control the
applications and clusters.

  • API support
  • Command-line (CLI) support
  • Autoscaler Scaling Policies
  • Autoscaler Plugins

agents, API,
CLI and more

Easy to configure

Few steps to configure autoscaler within your cluster and applications.
No extra coding and configuration is required.

configure autoscaler

Ready to save cost and autoscale your cluster and applications?

Request a demo or talk to our technical sales team to answer your questions and explore your needs.

run on-premise

Run On-Premise with Ease
on cloud hosted deployment

On Cloud Hosted Deployment
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100% Secure – End-to-end Encrypted
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