Multi Cloud Multi Region

Deploy datacenter
where users are

Middleware automates data center deployment to route traffic through the closest data center depending on the end-user’s location for a frictionless experience.

multi cloud and multi region

How does Middleware multi-cloud multi-region works?

How does Middleware
multi-cloud multi-region works?

Middleware automatically detects the user location and routes traffic through the closest available data center to boost responsiveness, minimize data latency, and offer a hassle-free experience.


Why Middleware is
Best Solution?

Middleware’s Multi-Cloud, Multi-Region solution eliminates the need for data center
deployment and automatically identifies the quickest path for the seamless movement of traffic.

One-click Datacenter deployment
One-click Datacenter deployment

Upon integrating the data center and application using Middleware, the datacenter deployment is made possible in a single click regardless of the region.

Lighting fast your application
Lighting fast your application

Routing traffic through locally available data centers improves application responsiveness. The low-latency, the quick-response combination offers a pleasant user experience.

Flexible deployment
Flexible deployment

Middleware grants flexibility in deploying data centers to any region and across multiple cloud service providers to eliminate any form of dependency.

Save Huge cost
Save Huge cost

Middleware’s AI-powered framework allocates resources on a need-per basis and balances load accordingly. As such, you only have to pay for the data centers that you use.

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Fasten your load balancing job
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