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Deploy and manage any app on any cloud

Deploy and Manage your clusters on public, private and edge cloud with one click on button on any cloud including AWS, Azure, GCP etc.

  • Deploy and manage apps across any cloud
  • Manage global control plane across clouds
  • Automate container management and security

multi-cloud deployment and management

Multi cloud Deployment and Management

Middleware helps users to manage multiple clusters as easily as ‘click of button’. It is a
general-purpose system for controlling clusters across different environments and cloud
providers as if they were running locally.

middleware multicloud management

Multi cloud, multi cluster
and multi region

Middleware helps you to deploy your application in
multiple clouds including AWS, Azure and GCP with a
click on the button. No complex configuration is required.

  • Build containers within minutes without code
  • Auto-deploy containers and build virtual machines
  • Access machine image via API

multi cloud, multi cluster and multi region

Why Middleware
Multi cloud is best solution

Use one configuration to deploy any applications across multiple data centres, regions, and clouds. Maximize resource utilization and save hundreds of hours of developers time.  

reduce time

deployment time

Reduce your application deployment time from days to min to any clouds and any regions.

increase operational efficiency

operational efficiency

Save hundreds of hours of developers time on configuration and installation on the cloud.

cost saving

cloud cost

Maximize resource utilization and reduce spending by AI-powered workload and autoscaling.

high availability and scalability

High availability
and scalability

Work with a responsive application that ensures high availability and scalability in record time.

application management

Easy Application

Manage and configure Two-tier application for the cluster-specific values.

native cli support

CLI Support

Install and Manage cluster and
any cloud from Command line interface.

multi-cloud datacenter

Transitioning to a Multi-Cloud Datacenter

Moving from legacy dedicated servers to multi-cloud environments is a new norm in the modern cloud era. This helps us to reduce dependence on one cloud provider and utilize maximum resources.

  • No cloud lock-in
  • Utilise maximum resources
  • Use best services from all cloud providers
  • Reduce downtime of cloud providers

Multi-Cloud Logging
and Security

Manage complete multi cloud logging and security at one place including host-based identity to application-based identity, with low- or zero-trust networks across multiple clouds.

  • Secrets Management
  • Encryption as a Service
  • Advanced Data Protection
  • Logging management
multi cloud logging and security

Get started with Multi-Cloud

Request a demo or talk to our technical sales team to answer your questions and explore your needs.

run on-premise

Run On-Premise with Ease
on cloud hosted deployment

On Cloud Hosted Deployment
end-to-end encrypted

100% Secure – End-to-end Encrypted
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